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Hit the road Jack

As we are gathered in Seville, in the heart of Andalusia, we wondered what the space created for diversity was, the space created for any Sevillans to feel home in his own house, to feel citizen of his own city, to feel different, to be different and yet to live together in this unity of difference.

The given time was short, yet we did our best to find the Other in the streets of Sevilla. We wanted to know from this new Sevillans how much space is created for them in order to be represented in the media, in order to give life to their own media in their own words, own language. The main goal of our modest investigation was to find out the importance they themselves give to their own media and to the transmission, cultivation and sharing of their equalities and differences.

Hit the road Jack. Yes, Jack hit the road but came back with almost empty hands. You could ask what Jack asked himself many times: why? Even though Jack would love to know, would love to give you an answer, Jack doesn’t know where the diversity is, where the difference is, where the so called old, new, with papeles, sin papeles Sevillans are.

Maybe they are being isolated or being banned somewhere in the suburbs not even imaginable of their existence for the usual visitor as Jack.  There is a lot Jack doesn’t know and still he knows something. He knows that sometimes myths remain myths or to put it differently, you can’t easily remake myths. At least not in reality. It is different in words, ah words, those who hate the words, misuse the words..

– Jack: where are they
– Jack: I don’t know. Did I hit the wrong roads?

Bleri Lleshi


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El Vacie

A quick view on the situation of Roman communities in Europe and a visit to “El Vacie” Chabola: We have met Maria Pilar a woman who has been working for 5 years with Associacion Aliento.

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